A fun painting classA wide range of artistic themes and skills are explored during the classes including; painting, drawing, collage, clay, sculpture, various crafts and much more.

There is also a small element of art theory where children are shown art created by artists. The children are encouraged to discuss the pictures and to give their opinions on this work. We also like to give each child opportunities to critique their own work in the safety of their group. It’s fantastic to watch children learn from each other and gain confidence through these various theory exercises.

An important part of our ethos at the art studio is that all students are encouraged to participate in an exhibition, competitions and gallery outing.

Classes we teach:

Stick PicturesStarters – Suitable ages 4-7 years

Emphasis during this stage of learning is on having fun and allowing children explore their creative instincts.  Children are encouraged to investigate various creative concepts under careful and skilled guidance.  The classes are conducted in a calm, safe and friendly environment where the children learn to build friendships, explore working in groups and begin to develop a range of artistic skills.  As a result we witness children growing in confidence, working well within small groups and following their natural artistic intuition.
Timetable and Price List


Improvers - Portrait ClassImprovers – Suitable ages 7-10 years

During the improver years, themes and art skills are explored in more detail by allowing children to complete a project over a few weeks. Sharing the opinions of their class and learning from each other play an important element at this stage of the classes.

All art skills, including art theory and critique are explored further and students feel and see a balanced progression in the level of their ability. Of course the emphasis of all classes is enjoyment!
Timetable and Price List


The-Art -Studio-Budding-Artist-ClassesBudding Artists – Suitable ages 10-13 years

The “Budding Artist Club” has been created to meet the needs of students who have outgrown the “Starter” and “Improver” classes. The extended time of these classes will allow students the time to indulge in the continuous process of project exploration, as well as allowing the time for individual guidance on
their work.

Budding artists will not only expand their practical skills in this class but they will begin to gain an understanding of various art movements and styles. Each
month a new movement will be explored including, Modernism, Abstract art, Impressionism, Realism, Art deco, Cubism, Conceptualism, Minimalism and Craft art to name but a few. These movements will be studied by looking at the work of great artists and exploring practically the themes through the use of various different media, for example, painting, drawing, sculpture and photography.

We are delighted to announce that the extra time is provided at a limited extra cost, however whereas all basic materials are supplied, students will need to
begin building their own collection of more “adult” materials, such as specialist papers, pencils and paints to develop their individual projects. Guidance will
be provided as to what and where to buy necessary materials, each student aiming to build up their own tool box. Students will also need to provide a ‘workbook’ and a sketchbook, advise on these will be given in the first class in September.

We look forward to seeing you there

Timetable and Price List


Timetable and Price List, School Year: 2019/2020

Term 1: Christmas term – 10 weeks

Begins w/c 26th September 2019
Ends w/c 12th December 2019
No class in the November midterm break, no class November 14th

Term 2 : Spring term – 12 weeks

Begins w/c 6th January 2020
Ends w/c 30th March 2020
No class in the February midterm break, February 20th

Term 3 : Summer term – 7 weeks

Begins w/c 27th April 2020
Ends w/c 8th June 2020

Class times

Starters (ages 4,5,6,7) 45 min class : Thursday 3.00 – 3.45pm
Improvers ( ages 7,8,9,10) 45 min class : Thursday 3.00 – 4.30pm
Budding Artists (ages 10,11,12,13) 1.5 hour class : Thursday 4.00 – 5.30pm

Term prices (Sibling discounts offered)

Term 1 : 12 weeks

Starter, 10 weeks, €100
Improvers, 10 weeks, €100
Budding artists, 10, 1.5 hr class €130

Term 2 : Spring term

Starter, 12 weeks, €115
Improvers, 12 weeks, 1.5hr class €140
Budding artists, 12, 1.5 hr class €140

Term 3 : Summer term

Starter, 7 weeks, €67
Improvers, 7  weeks, 1.5hr class, €82
Budding artists, 10, 1.5 hr class €82

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