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Take the stress out of the birthday party and enjoy an event at the art studio.  The art studio is a one-stop shop for the perfect party event.  Please call the art studio to discuss a party in more detail.


Tea Party menu:

  • Chocolate crispy cakes
  • Popcorn
  • Fruit
  • Bread sticks
  • Juice
  • Jellies


  • There is a minimum charge of €300 per 2 hour party
  • Maximum number of children per party 20
  • €20 per child for party of 15
  • €18.50 per child for groups of more than 15
  • Price includes all material cost, tutor for craft guidance and tea party

Individual homemade birthday cakes make to order on request. Prices starting at €35.

The Home Party

Want to host the party in your own home?

Want help with the entertainment?

Then allow the art studio arrive with all the craft activities and you can relax and enjoy organising the food for your guests!

  • Group size: Minimum of 10
  • Craft options: Parties can be themed to suit all girl / boy groups or mixed groups


  • €20 per child for party of 10
  • €18.50 per child for groups of more than 10
  • Price includes all material cost, tutor for craft guidance
  • Price does not include tea party

Individual homemade birthday cakes make to order on request. Prices starting at €35

Party Craft Ideas

Mask PartyMasquerade

Suitable for ages 5+

Choose from a variety of masks styles and shapes and watch the children enjoy creating their very own Venetian style mask using paints, feathers, jewels, ribbons, glitter and much more.

The group is provided with materials and given a brief class on design and styles to help them with their creations.

Decorating eggs at the partyEgg blowing and decorating

Suitable for ages 5+

Remember doing this as a child? You would be amazed how much kids of all ages enjoy blowing eggs!
This is the perfect party for the child celebrating their birthday around Easter but actually is great for any time of the year. Under careful guidance the children blow eggs, wash and dye them a variety of colours and decorate them using, nail polish, paints and glitter. They always look amazing and can be easily taken home and hung to make their very own egg tree.

Bird / bug mobile:

Suitable ages 5+

Children of all ages love creating their very own mobile of birds or insects. Using twigs and wool the children are guided to create the structure of the mobile. Using pre-cut bird or insect shapes the children will design and create their hanging objects using paints, glitter, feathers, sequins and more.

Beads for jewellery makingJewellery making:

Suitable ages 5+

Delight that little princess of yours with her very own jewellery making party.

Each child creates a piece of jewellery guided in design and technique. They can choose from a variety of design ideas and a wide selection of creative beads is on offer. Proper jewellery wire and clasps are used and the beads are all of high design and quality.

Pottery party classClay pottery

Suitable ages 5+

Different clay workshops are available depending on the ages of the children ….. ranging from making a collectors pot with a lid to creating a selection of shapes that can be hung in a creative mobile. The finished pieces are taken home to be painted when dry, so the enjoyment continues!