Coming in 2014

The following classes will be on offer.   Timetable available Summer 2014.

The teen art club

Suitable ages 12+

Does your teenager need somewhere safe to express themselves and explore their creative side? Then get them to join the art studio teen art club. Whether a beginner or coming with various art skills, the club gives them the space, guidance and company to enjoy their artistic passion.

Students will be encouraged to take on a project from initial conception to final exhibition. Art theory and critical analysis are also part of the club ethos where students will learn by sharing information and getting advice from their peers in a safe environment.

Adults – All ages welcome!!

The following classes will be on offer.

  • The Absolutes – Drawing
  • The Absolutes – Photography
  • The enthusiast – Photography
  • Life drawing workshops

The Absolutes – Drawing

Our Absolute courses are for total beginners. If you have always wanted to draw and have never had the courage to explore your desires, then this is the course for you!

Everyone CAN learn to draw

It is the same as learning to write, you just need the right guidance, patience and persistence and you will get there!

Come and surprise yourself and enjoy the safe calm and creative environment of the art studio. During the first class a full description of the materials you will need will be given so wait before you buy your materials. Art discounts can also be offered in local art suppliers.

Class prices do not include materials.


The Absolutes – Photography

  • Do you have a camera and not know how to use it?
  • Do you want to buy a camera and need advice on what to get?
  • Do you want to print/download/edit images but don’t know where to start?

Then this is the course for you!

Our Absolute Photography course assumes that everyone is starting from the absolute beginning so no question is too easy to ask!

It is preferable to have your own camera before you start, but don’t rush out and buy one before the class if you are unsure. It would be better to wait and get some advice on the right camera choice for your needs.


The Enthusiast – Photography

This photography course is suitable for the enthusiast who wants to learn how to get more from their camera.

  • Learn basic photographic skills such as: Aperture / f-stop control
  • Exposure control
  • Lighting techniques
  • Composition and image construction

The course will follow a theme based project approach and students will gain advice on concept and implementation from inception to final edit.

If you love photography then this is the course for you!


Life drawing workshops

This workshop is for the slightly experienced drawer, someone who has drawn in the past but due to the chaos of life doesn’t have the time or space to draw anymore!

Sound familiar? Have you got the urge to draw again?

Join our self-initiated life drawing workshops (these are not taught class) Come and draw in our beautiful calm art studio. The studio will provide the space, the model, tea and coffee and the chat!

Students must provide all their own art materials. Discounts are available from local art suppliers.

Schools programme

The art studio is currently designing a dedicated ‘art for primary schools programme’ to meet the specific needs of the primary school student.

Children of all ages benefit hugely from being able to think beyond the academic curriculum and delve into the creative side of their brains. Allowing children the freedom to explore and create art will not only give them a great sense of pride but it will also enhance their academic work.

This programme will be available September 2014.

Please call the art studio if you would like to discuss this programme in further detail.