Collaborative Sculpture Workshop

Join the art studio workshop and help design, create and build a hanging sculpture using found organic objects combined with traditional art materials.

The children will design, create and construct a sculpture using found organic materials combined with traditional art materials. Let your child benefit from the experience of creating an amazing piece of art within a group and the joy of seeing their creation exhibited to the pubic. All decisions and creations will be made in collaboration thereby teaching children to use their creative skills in a team. Children benefit from sharing ideas and learning from others. Two heads better than one………..its amazing what they can come up with!

Children may enrol for one or more workshops and everyone welcome for the exhibition. All materials provided, wear warm old clothes and bring a snack and drink.

€15 per 3 hr workshop. Suitable for age 8 +. Limited space so prior booking advisable.

Venue: Assembly Hall, Bachelors Walk

Design and create Saturday, 25th:May 10am – 1pm.
Create and construct Saturday, 25th May 2-5pm.
Construct and assemble Sunday, 26th May 10am – 1pm.
Exhibition Sunday 26th May, 2-5pm.